17 - 20 August

No More War is an international festival with the aim to strengthen the sense of dialogue, intercultural friendship and cooperation. It is an initiative to bring together people to manifest that we want to build peace between our countries instead of increasing militarisation, socio-political tension and media fights which are currently happening, particularly in the Baltic Sea region. 

The festival is an interplay of music and educational seminars, of fun and learning, of art and experience exchange. Camping, bonfires and nature as the platform; music, dance and body practices as tools to bring us together and understand each other and ourselves; insightful workshops, seminars and role-plays as pieces of your learning path. You are welcome here. 

The place and time are not random: No More War Festival will be held prior to a big military exercise Aurora 17 for NATO troops taking place across the road from the festival  two weeks after the festival. A perfect time and place to manifest that the safety is in peace and cooperation, not in increasing militarisation. Contrary to conflicts, we want to create the space for human-to-human connections allowing to see each other as fellow humans with common desire for peace beyond nationality, ethnicity, religion and any labels. 

(such as food coverage, accommodation, travel, etc)

No More War Festival is completely non-profit and we ask you for support. All donations will go to cover the food of volunteers, renting equipment, travel tickets for music bands and expenses of building the infrastructure. We will share the income and expenses account with all of the participants and donors. Please make the contribution – whatever you can, and spread the word for donations so we can support those standing for Peace.

(Options: International / Sweden / Russia)

The Festival follows No Drugs, No Alcohol & No Violence policy .
Environmentally and people-friendly.

Time and Place

17-20 Aug 2017, a few weeks prior to a big NATO training on Gotland Aurora17.

On the beautiful  island of Gotland (Sweden) in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Hosted in Suderbyn Ecovillage, 7 km south of a medieval town of Visby.

See here how to travel to No More War: www.suderbyn.se/travel

Support us

Please spread the word:

We welcome support in the form of music, performances, workshops during the festival. We also will be grateful for help with organising and running the even prior to and during the festival. Please drop us a line if you would like to join! 

Contact us

If you have any questions please send us an email to festivalNoMoreWar@gmail.com or to the No More War Facebook page or through the button "I am interested!"